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#5kMay2019 Day 16 (BLOG)

I woke up today in Connecticut, ready for awesome. Tomorrow morning I will be running in the “Nutmeg State Marathon” near Hartford, CT. Today I was just running a nice, little 5k.

I ran 3.1 miles in 24 minutes and 28 seconds around our hotel. My average pace was 7:51 per mile, which is just a touch faster than I want to be running all 26.2 miles tomorrow.

After I ran, we drove in to Hartford and took a walk around the city so Jodi and the girls could get their daily 5k in. We walked to the home of Harriet Beecher Stowe, and to the home of Mark Twain. I think it would have been fun to take a tour of both, but we just didn’t have the time to do it. We needed to get to the Connecticut Science Museum, where we decided to spend most of our day.

The science museum was super cool. We had a blast! One thing that amazed me, though, was the 3D movie we watched, called, “Amazon Adventure”. It became real obvious, real quick, that the filmmakers did not have the same worldview as I do. Not long into the movie, my kids started making references to how wrong certain things were…

I guess we’ve trained them well?!

Either that, or the truth is actually so simple that even a child can easily recognize it.

To be fair, the movie was really well done, and it was entertaining to watch. I enjoyed it! I’m just sad that it so clearly promotes Darwin’s highly flawed Theory of Evolution as fact, when Darwin’s theory is nothing more than a theory.

The movie portrayed a young scientist, Henry Walter Bates, as a man who loved nature and learning about new creatures. He eventually makes his way to the Amazon rainforest and realizes that there are way more creatures and species than he could have ever imagined!

To me, that just proves that God is far more creative than I ever could have imagined, but to Bates, it apparently means that “science” is far more creative. We operate from the same observations, but draw from it very different conclusions.

He becomes desperate to connect one species to another to prove Darwin’s theory of evolution. When I say desperate, I mean desperate. He is deeply driven by this one passion. Of course, if you are desperate enough, you can begin to see whatever you want… He eventually goes through all of his old catalogs to try to make the connection, and does manage to make what he calls a connection. Darwin encourages Bates to publish his work (likely to help build a case for Darwin’s work… self serving much?) and the story basically ends there.

The questions, however, do not.

My family was filled with questions, like:

  • What did he actually prove? It seemed like pretty much nothing.
  • Can a species really say, “I think this particular trait will be advantageous, so I’ll go ahead and add it” with any success, as the movie portrays? Of course not.
  • If he successfully found many of the species that he started with, and many of the species that it ends up becoming, but only one of each of the “transitional” species that he was desperate to find, does that even make logical sense? Wouldn’t there be many of ALL of those species?

At the end of the day, it was a sad story, in my mind. All of the evidence for an incredible Creator was right in front of him, and he missed it. How terrible to be successful in something that matters not, while failing at what matters most.

The story did remind me of the gospel of Luke. Luke’s job was to go back through and collect all of the evidence. He was a historical scientist, of sorts. He did a tremendous job collecting the evidence, and we all have access to what he found. The only question that remains is, what will we do with the evidence?



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