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#5kMay2019 Day 15 (BLOG)

Piper was determined this morning to run a Redemption Round! She was not very happy with her performance yesterday, and knew that she could do better.

So we woke up this morning and rocked the exact same route as yesterday. I wanted to pace her today, to help her reach her goal. I made sure that she didn’t start off by running too fast! Our first mile was 10 minutes and 22 seconds, which was just a bit faster than the overall pace from yesterday.

Off to a great start, she was feeling good.

Our second mile was 9 minutes and 55 seconds. Perfect! She had a great attitude, and she was feeling good. She didn’t need a PR, she needed a great run.

Mile 3 clicked in at 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Such a great mile!

We finished the 5k in 30 minutes and 48 seconds, with an overall pace of 9:54. It was a great run!

After the 5k, we cleaned up, packed up, and jumped in to a van to drive to Connecticut as a family. It was a long drive, but we made it!

Tomorrow we will hang out near Hartford, CT. We plan to visit the Connecticut Science Center, and then we’ll see what else we end up finding. I hope to get a good pasta dinner in my belly, and with any luck, I will get an early bedtime tomorrow. Then I plan to wake up early Friday morning to make it to the marathon packet pickup by 5:15 am, stretch, chill, and then start the marathon at 6am.


While being in a van with my beautiful bride and my wonderful (but slightly over-energetic) kids, I couldn’t help but think about the last verse of Luke 1 from today’s Bible reading.

And the child grew and became strong in spirit, and he was in the wilderness until the day of his public appearance to Israel.

(Luke 1:80, ESV)

I never really think about baby John the Baptist, or child John the Baptist. I always think of a rugged, intense mountain man living in the desert, baptizing in the Jordan River, and boldly calling out the Pharisees and King Herod for their many wrongs.

Luke reminds us that he had to grow into that version of himself. He grew physically, and became strong in spirit.

I can’t help but feel like that is what I want from my kids (the ones that were in the van with me all day). I want them to grow physically, as they learn how to follow God and be obedient to His voice, like John the Baptist was. More than anything, I want them to become strong in spirit!

That is how I am praying for my kids. How are you praying for yours (future, current, or adult kids)?



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  1. The blogs are hit and miss, but the reading is a great reminder of promises. Still not the pace I want to be at, but still going at it anyway

  2. 5k or more every day
    Legs are feeling good.
    I enjoy the podcast! Haven’t listened every day. I love you read a chapter and make some comments and then read another…
    Marci Steiner

  3. I am currently “praying on paper” for my son. I know this sounds strange, but let me explain. He will be graduating from high school in a couple of weeks and I am completing for him what I did for my daughter three years ago. A prayer journal with a prayer that I prayed for them each day of their senior year.

    Some entries are longer than others, and they range from “minor/superficial” requests to covering their spiritual growth, relationships, future careers and spouses. One entry in my daughter’s journal was, “Dear God, please just let her be NICE!!!”. (Can you tell that was one of those difficult teenager times!😁🤷‍♀️)

    Anyway, I hope that it means something to them and maybe God will use it to help/encourage them in years to come?
    I’m so grateful we can trust our children to Him, knowing that He loves and cares for them so much more than we do!!

    • Wow!! That is so awesome! I’m sure that God will use that powerfully in their lives (and I’m sure He has already used it powerfully in yours!)

      Thank you for sharing!

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