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164 thoughts on “#5kMay2019 CHECK IN – May 15 Leave a comment

  1. Mark Rowe

    Feeling good. I can tell the legs are a little tired

    Yes I’ve been listening to the podcast. I did not realize there’s blogs till I saw them posted on fb.

    Yep I’ll make it through. Why stop now?

  2. Ryan Grimshaw
    Some days my legs hurt more then others, putting the miles in though.
    I have been listening to and enjoying the podcast daily.
    I have not been reading the blog but will try to check it out.
    No reason to stop now!!!

  3. Tammy Polen
    I will just say, I have never appreciated my rest days so much!
    The podcast is enjoyable and easy to listen to.
    Sometimes I forget the podcast 💁🏼
    Yes I can finish this challenge!

  4. Allison Dougherty
    I’m glad that halfway is over because my body wants a couple days off so bad. I ran Sat morning and didn’t run till Sun evening so that was helpful.
    I am not listening to the podcast because I listen to the Bible scriptures while I run and then pray for people in our area until I get home. I am reading the blog though, I love that!!
    I know God will give me strength to finish and I plan to finish strong!! I will probably run 3-6 days a week after this challenge even though I’m busy because now I know I can do it!
    Thanks for the challenge!

  5. Ryan Yoder
    Feeling good so far!
    I have been listening to the podcast every day and enjoying your reading. (Especially the angry mob voices:)
    I just got caught up with the blog this morning.
    Why stop? We’re halfway through already!

    • Good job, Ryan! (Haha. I am such a nerd, but it doesn’t seem right for the mob to have normal voices…)

  6. Corey Yoder,
    Running makes me cranky–but I am getting less cranky as the month goes.
    Not listening to the podcast
    have read the blog

  7. 1. Karen Connow
    2. Last couple days were a little rough with long weekend runs and very busy work days
    3Been listening to the podcasts and loving them!
    4. No I haven’t been reading the blog but I read some of the Fb posts and comment
    5. I’ve got this with the support of the group

  8. Scott Tinman
    1st time checking in…and feeling pretty good. A couple times almost felt like quitting but pushed through and still in it!
    I have not listened to the podcast and 1st time on the blog….whoops
    Half way through and determined to finish this for that t-shirt!

  9. 1.Lori Butler
    2 feeling good…have ran all days with exception of one and walked that day
    3. not listening to podcast
    4. have been reading the blog
    5. made it this far…need to keep going!

  10. 1. Susanna Yoder
    2. Feeling pretty good
    3. Not listening to the podcast
    4. Sporadically read the blog
    5. I’m not planning to quit now!

  11. 1. Heidi Hartzler
    2. Feeling tired, but this is such a busy time of year!!
    3. I listen to the podcast EVERY day and I LOVE it!!!! Thank you for taking time to do it for us!
    4. I read the blog off my email but not every day!
    5. I hope to finish, As long as I stay healthy!

  12. I’m Melissa shanks. Feeling pretty good! Some days I have to make time right before bed!!! It’s a tough commitment at the end of the school year. I listen to podcast a couple times, but I read every day. I’m definitely up for the finish!

  13. Matt Yoder
    •I’m feeling well to day 15. Finding a running partner or changing the route helps too.
    •I listen to parts of the podcast.
    •Yup. I keep looking for Jeff’s next story.
    •Yes. So far, the #5kMay2019 has been exactly what I’ve been looking for to keep me running literally every day.

  14. Joe Heatwole

    – Feeling good… Ran my fastest 5K of the challenge this morning.
    – I haven’t listened to the podcast. Need to figure out a way to listen in my car.
    – Yes, I read the blog every day.
    – Yes! If I start it I will finish it.

    • Good job, Joe! Way to rock your fastest 5k! The podcast is available in the Apple Podcast app, if that helps.

  15. Cassie Chance
    I am feeling accomplished, have been in MN with my Grandmother who is not well but managed to get my 5k in while she slept and my daughter sat with her. Thought I may have to give up with this drive, but It is a nice break from the stresses of the day to get out moving!
    I have listened to the podcast every day, usually following along as I read but the last two days I have just listened.
    Read the blog but not daily, have read all the days but sometimes skip a day and read two posts the next day.
    Definitely know I can finish, Lord willing!
    Thank you Jeff for this challenge and the podcasts!

  16. 1. Nicole Geiser
    2. My legs are a little bit tired but I’m happy I’m halfway thru.
    3. I sometimes get to listen when my mom is listening.
    4. No.
    5. Yes, I know I can do it!

  17. Ron Detweiler
    YES I listen to the podcasts everyday. I have read most of the blogs but not all of them
    Yes! Lord willing I will finish this challenge I have lost 15 lbs through this this far! Hoping to keep that going!

  18. 1. Amy Geiser
    2. I am glad I’m participating again; I’d be sad to miss it. My legs are definitely tired.
    3. The podcast is awesome! I missed the first couple days and still want to go back and re-listen to them. Thanks for taking the time to do that!
    4. I haven’t been as good reading the blog daily this year.
    5. Yes! Not gonna quit now!

  19. -Sarah Hostetler
    -I am feeling pretty good! Realizing the importance of taking the time to stretch!
    – I didn’t realize there was a podcast until yesterday, will listen today.
    -I am already in the middle of a study so I haven’t been keeping up with the reading.
    -yes! I signed up with a friend and I think we can do it 👍🏻

  20. Kelly Kuzma
    Feeling pretty good… I like doing my 3.1 first thing in the morning with friends!
    I have listened to the podcast several times but not everyday.
    Have not read the blog
    ABSOLUTELY! Looking forward to the next 16 days!

  21. 1. Jeremy Yoder
    2. I’m glad I signed up… I would not stick to it on my own.
    3. I haven’t been
    4. No
    5. Of course!

  22. 1. Shawn Mullet
    2. A little sore some days but still feeling great!!
    3. Listen to the podcast every day
    4. No
    5. Yes, I will finish it

  23. 1. Ronda Shultzman
    2. Feeling awesome
    3. I listen to the podcasts, but not daily. Try to save them up for long runs.
    4. I didn’t realize there was a blog but and going to check it out
    5. I am absolutely finishing!

  24. Terri Lemke
    Feeling good
    Not listening to the podcasts but reading the blogs.
    I’ll be able to get it done 😁

  25. 1. David Sears. 2. Feeling challenged, the 5K is a doable goal, the 5K walking day is a saving grace versus running the 5K each day. My training plan is to run most days with walks on rest days, at my age 4 or 5 days of running is most I should be doing, hence the 5K walk makes this very doable. 3. I do listen to the podcasts when I can sit still for the half-hour or so. It is a positive encouragement to keep the goal in mind and keep going. 4. I read the Blog entries when I pull up the web site – I personally am not a big blogger. 5. At the half way point, with God’s grace and health and injury free – there are some races coming up before the end of May, I plan on completing the scripture readings and the physical activities, even beyond May 31st. (I’ve signed up for the Akron Marathon series). An additional comment concerning the Scripture readings as read straight through, I find they are very time-line friendly for me. Many church Gospel readings are short and not in sequence – this continuous reading of the Apostles places the activities of Christ in a good order which I better understand. I’ve been able to share your initiative with others at my church and discuss the physical and spiritual aspects of this project.

  26. Shyann Galvan

    I am feeling tired, physically and mentally but I also feel determined to finish and not give up.

    I listen to the podcast everyday but I keep forgetting that there is a blog… so I haven’t read that much.

    I definitely have what it takes to finish but it’s gonna take some renewed inspiration because I am tired lol

  27. Gail Bleibtrey
    Wow! Half way? Feeling pretty good about this.
    I have listened to some.
    I have read some of the blog.
    God willing I will finish this. I acknowledge there is nothing I have complete control over so I am hopeful He allows it.

  28. Rick Coblentz
    I’m actually feeling pretty good, having a running partner makes it great.
    I haven’t been listening but wanna start. Didn’t realize about the blog.
    Halfway to the finish, why stop now. Its exciting to see the improving results day by day.

  29. David Miller
    I’m feeling pretty good.
    I’ve listened to a few of them
    I’ve also read a few blogs
    I’m hopeful that I can finish this challenge.

  30. Doug Patton
    I’m feeling good
    I am listening to the podcast – I like them
    I haven’t read the blogs
    I will finish the challenge.

  31. 1. Tamra Harrison
    2. Excited
    3. Occasionally
    4. Occasionally
    5. Lord willing, yes!

    (It has been different for me this year. Family happenings and illness have made it more of a struggle. I am sad about that, but it makes me very thankful each time we are able to finish another day.)


    1. Levi Harrison
    2. Good
    3. No
    4. No
    5. Nod of the head for yes.

  32. 1. Kevin Nisly
    2. Less sore than I expected
    3. I haven’t listened to the podcast
    4. I don’t regularly read the blog
    5. I will finish the 5k challenge

  33. So far so good! This challenge is keeping me more consistent with scripture and 3.1 miles or more running. I am good to go for another 15😁‼️

  34. 1. Keith Byler
    2. I am feeling great! Still hate running, but love how I feel afterwards
    3. Some of them. They are really excellence!
    4. Some of them
    5. Heck Yes!

  35. Denver Yoder here, still plugging along. Dead legs, are we there yet??? Sorry, I haven’t done anything but the running so far. Ready to be done but shouldn’t be a problem getting there.

  36. Justin Yoder here.
    I’m not a mega runner like some but I have run 90+ miles in a month before and this equates to a minimum of 96.1 miles so I figured I could do it. It’s worn me down a bit more than I expected but I’m plugging along. One of my goals was weight loss and I’m down about 20lbs from January 1st so this is a good motivator to carry me through into month 6 of the year.

    Not listening to the podcast. In January I joined Time to Revive school for a 2 year program of going through the Bible. There’s at least one chapter a day and a 29 minute teaching and then a group of men meet once a week to discuss. So this has been my primary listening on my runs.

    I am reading the blogs and have been enjoying them.


  37. Benji Mast
    I feel absolutely great. Sore but such a good sore. I have not listened to the podcasts. However I have read some of the blogs which are spot on! And absolutely, the second half of the month is always more fun then the first!

  38. 1. Brittany Grimshaw
    2. Feeling great! A little sore but loving the challenge
    3. I have not been listening as consistently as I would like to
    4. Read some of the blog posts
    5. Absolutely plan to finish!

  39. K Farrell.
    My ankles are starting not to like me half way though but my endurance is increasing. I’ve not listened to any podcasts yet, but so try to read the blog. I’m wanting to finish this challenge because the challenge is keeping me accountable to get outside and be active daily. We will see how I feel after the Medina Half-Marathon, the day after will let me know if I can finish this month strong. Thank you for challenging us!

  40. I’m loving this challenge & feeling great! I love the addition of the podcast & have shared that with friends, too! I’ve read the blog when I check in and I most definitely have what it takes to finish! Thank you for your work & time you put into this!

  41. Justin holt.
    Wow it is halfway already. My legs are a little like jello, but I’m starting to get in a good rhythm. I unfortunately have not done a great job following the blog or podcast. I know I can finish the month strong

  42. Christine Makselan
    My legs are hurting but I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished.
    I am not listening to the pod cast or reading the blog. I barely feel I have time to fit the 5k in.
    I will finish! Why get this far and not finish!

  43. Nixon
    I am feeling great. I haven’t done the blog or the podcast. I plan to listen sometime. Yes, I will finish.

  44. Joshua Edwards
    Feeing great
    Listened to 2 days
    Not reading the blog
    DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO FINISH #5kMay2019? For sure!

  45. 1. Heather Heatwole
    2. Feeling good other than the awful cold/chest congestion I’ve been dealing with.
    3. Not every day but loving the ones I’ve listened to.
    4. Didn’t realize there was a blog
    5. Yep.

  46. 1. Beth Babulski
    2. Missed a day due to being sick but encouraging and supporting my kids so they reach their goal
    3. No
    4. No
    5. The best I can

    • Sad day! I’m sorry to hear you were sick, but not surprised that you keep being an awesome and encouraging mom!

  47. Jodi Polen- I’m feeling great halfway through this challenge. It has been so good for me in many ways. I’ve been loving the podcasts and the blog posts and am positive that I will finish the challenge. Everyone is doing a fantastic job!!

  48. 1. Taylor Polen
    2. I’m feeling good.
    3. I am listening to the podcast.
    4. I am reading the blog.
    5. Yes, I do have what it takes.

  49. 1.) Ruth Thomas
    2.) I actually feel really good most days. Even on the couple of days where I was thinking “gosh I don’t want to do this today,” once I got started I was so glad to finish and log that 3.10 miles!
    3.) I listen to as many podcasts as I can (they’re awesome by the way!)
    4.) I do read the blog posts!
    5.) I will finish! I have a thought when I’m at a race that I will finish unless I faint, or there’s a bone sticking out. 😊
    Thanks so much for this challenge.

  50. 1. Brenda Mullet
    2. Good most days
    3. Haven’t listened yet
    4. Occasionally
    5. Plan to finish what I started

  51. 1) Mike Makselan
    2) I feel pretty good so far. Deffinately harder than last year though. Each day is a little easier though.
    3) I try to listen to as many podcast as I can.
    4) I have read a few blogs.
    5) I will finish. Everyday life keeps trying to get in the way but I’m determined to complete the challenge.

  52. Derrick Miller
    It was a little rough after the long run but I believe I can power through.
    I enjoyed the podcast early on but fail to utilize it unless it pops up right in front of me when I’m at work
    I haven’t been utilizing the blog to its fullest
    I believe I have enough in the tank to finish this

  53. Question : Does the 5k have to be walked or ran? I am camping this weekend and doing a 10 mile canoe trip. Would that count?

    • Thanks for asking! While a 10 mile canoe trip sounds awesome, this particular challenge is a walk / run challenge. The good news is that you can do both!

  54. I meant to add how much I appreciate you putting this whole deal together…I enjoy the extra accountability to read more scripture daily and am inspired by the new runners who continue to power through and persevere and form great habits through this tough sport.

    • Same! I am ultra encouraged by all of the awesome people who are pushing through and making it happen. Very inspiring!

      Last year while I was running a marathon in Kentucky, I was cramping super hard in my calf. When I could no longer hold my “goal pace”, I thought, “What is the point. I may as well just quit.”

      At that same time, I was on an out-and-back portion of the race and the people coming towards me were running WAY slower than me… and they were working HARD… and they were AWESOME!

      I thought to myself, “If they are working that hard, doing their best, and pushing through, then so can I!” I sucked it up and gritted our the race, 10 minutes slower than my goal time, but I finished. I was proud of the finish!

      To everyone running / walking the 5k faithfully at ANY pace, you rock! Keep going! It truly is inspiring!

  55. Patrick Miller

    Feeling a little tired, but overall not too bad.

    I listed to the podcast the first day, but haven’t since — just forgot about it!

    Have read several of the blogs.

    Yes! Halfway through and don’t plan to quit now

  56. Karen Alexander. I am feeling well, like I have a good start at getting back into running. Warmer weather should be an additional encouragement. I am such a disappointment. I am not listening to the podcast or reading the blog, but I am doing my scripture reading, as this is something that is important to me anyhow. Of course, I have what it takes. I have been “cheating” and in my own eyes by walking some days, which is totally within the rules. There are days when I just can’t afford to sweat. I am working on fitting running, and regular perspiration, back into my life. Thank you for providing this challenge for a kick start.

    • Good job, Karen! You are NOT a disappointment!! The podcast and blog are totally optional. I was just curious to know whether or not people were engaging with them.

  57. Marlin Yoder
    How am I feeling? Hamstrings are really causing problems right now, don’t know if it’s from no rest or totally unrelated. Have good energy otherwise.
    I really enjoy the podcast (as does my wife), often listen to it when going to bed. I have listened to everyone, although I have missed a few days and then listened to multiple ones on the same day.
    Reading the blog? Most of them
    Yes, I have what it takes to finish, not stopping now.

  58. Justine Yenni
    I’m feeling good!
    I’ve been able to listen to a few..
    I’ve been doing my reading every day!!
    Yes I have what it takes to finish the month of may!!

  59. 1. Randy Geiser
    2. I feel good and strong.
    3. Yes, listening at night.
    4. Trying to read the blogs. Have missed just a couple.
    5. I’m no longer sore and I’m feeling good, so I believe I have what it takes to finish.

  60. 1.Nicola Reynolds
    2.i feel so much better
    3. I hvnt listened to the podcast yet
    4. Sometimes
    5. Yes !

  61. Brenda Yoder
    I’m feeling tired!
    I’ve listened to one podcast
    I read the blog sometimes
    Yes, I’m gonna finish!

  62. Cindy Fox
    I love how I feel after the 5k, usually pretty motivated… and excited that my knee has swollen up on me yet either!
    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet
    Or read the blogs
    I will finish!

  63. 1. Marion Troyer.
    2.Feeling better and better every day.
    3.I listen to it every day, its so helpful!! Thanks!!!!
    4.Very seldom read the blog. so far I’m read the three chapters!!!!
    5. YES!!!
    Thanks again for the challenge!!

  64. Nathan smith
    It still hurts every day
    I’ve listened to a couple but not everyday
    I’ve read some and enjoy hearing what Jeff says

  65. 1) Aryn Overcash
    2) I’m feeling great! I missed a couple of days due to a stomach bug, but I’m back at it.
    3) No, I haven’t listened to the podcast yet.
    4) I read the blog when I think about it!
    5) Yes, I have what it takes to finish strong!

  66. 1. Melissa Lemon
    2. Feeling pretty good.
    3. Yes. I listen while running/walking. I have really learned a lot from the podcasts. Thanks for all your time and insight Jeff!
    4. Have not been reading the blog but will try to more now.
    5. Yes, I plan to finish!!

  67. I am glad to be half way! I feel much better than I did on day one and am looking forward to finishing strong! Melissa and I have been running together and therefore not listening to the podcast. I have also not done so well at keeping up with the blogs. I am definitely planning on. finishing 5k every day.

  68. Man the fact that we are half way feels great! We got a late night 5k in this evening and are excited to continue. We have spent the 5ks without earbuds just enjoying each other’s company and chatting so I haven’t been listening to the podcast. It has been refreshing, and I am looking forward to the rest of the time. I haven’t read all the blogs, but I have enjoyed the ones I have read!

  69. Kendra Smith
    I’m so glad we are halfway thru! I’m enjoying getting closer to my fitness goal, but every day is brutal 😂
    I listened to the podcast once
    I read the blog when I remember
    I am going to finish ❤️

  70. Trisha
    Good. Frustrated with shin splints- my own doing, not associated with the challenge.
    Sometimes. Sometimes I listen to my own audiobooks.
    Not a reader.
    most definitely.

  71. I’m doing the challenge with friends so we talk and keep each other accountable. Proud of myself for getting extra purposeful steps in a day.

  72. Allene.
    Struggling to run everyday and I got sick this week so missed the past 2 days due to fever. I have my first 10K sat so it stinks I’m sick but I’m gonna do what I can do. I’ve been listening to the pod casts and appreciate the time and effort put into making them.

  73. Some days have been great and some days have not been great. Either way, I’m piling on the miles. Thanks for letting me check in a day late. I had classes and meetings and it slipped my simple mind. I’m hanging in there.

  74. 1: Jason Miller
    2: Feeling great. I’ve really enjoyed being out on runs again and the days I’m at the firehouse I make it work on the hamster wheel 🙄
    3: No
    4: I’ve been jumping on most every day knowing there’s another check in coming…. Well somehow I missed this one and just now found it. 🤪
    5: if the good Lord’s a willing and the creeks don’t rise, should be good to go.

  75. NAME – Richard Lee
    ARE YOU LISTENING TO THE PODCAST? Yes, almost every day
    DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO FINISH #5kMay2019? Absolutely. The mayhem? Maybe not but I’ll at least finish each day with a 5K

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