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126 thoughts on “#5kMay2019 CHECK IN – May 1 Leave a comment

  1. Tamala Ballou
    Spring is here time to get moving, joining in on the fun, love the challenge !

  2. Love the 5k in the month of May! May is always the greatest reminder to me of Philippians 4:13 – it’s not what I can do, but what he can do through me! May is insane for our family & my career. This challenge helps me physically & spiritually which both help me to make May aMAYzing instead of just surviving.

  3. Hello! My name is Brittany Grimshaw. I signed up for the 5K a day this year because I love a challenge. I was pregnant last year and was not running regularly so I wasn’t able to participate. Since having my son in November, I have started running again and this will be a great way to keep me committed to running every day!

  4. Be still…. mantra as I endured miles 22-25 in Athens….I know HE IS GOD🙏🏼✝️🙌🏼 I love the way our runners’ fellowship is strengthened during the May 5K . Thanks Jeff.

  5. Although I run, I am not consistent about my schedule…A friend joined so I figured why not. Have my 5k in already this a.m. and am excepting the Bible reading challenge as well.

  6. I love this idea! Mental serenity thru daily running which I love anyway and mental and spiritual growth thru scripture and connecting with others on this journey. It was exciting to share with friends and have them trying this as well. It feels good to support Jeff’s goals around ministry and I love the creative approach!

  7. Ron Detweiler

    I did my first 5K in the month of May last year. At first I thought there was no way I could do it. But with the help of some great friends I did it. I accomplished my 5k every single day in the month of may. The feeling was amazing, and it just proved that when you look to God for all the hard times in your life he will pull you through, Also I love going through the Gospels and looking at Jesus’s life. Looking forward to a great Month of may!

  8. I am Ronda Shultzman. I am currently training for a 1/2 marathon so will be running farther than 5ks. But I still love the accountability and comaraderie if this group! I participated in the 2018 5k a day 12 weeks after having a baby and it helped me get back in shape. Can’t wait for this years challenge.

  9. Good Morning
    I am Kelly Uksas. I am trying to get back to running after my job kept me from being able to. I now have a job that allows me to reach my running goals. I love the idea of this challenge.

  10. Joe Heatwole: I did it last year and loved how it challenged me to stay disciplined even when I had no motivation to go out and run. I like the group encouragement and seeing other people push themselves as well… Plus free swag from ol’ JP!

  11. My name is Allison Dougherty. I signed up for this challenge because I love running and what God teaches me through it! I’ve never ran everyday straight for a month so this will be exciting! May is also one of my busiest work months so it will give me time to get away with Christ for awhile!

  12. I’m Allison Dougherty and I signed up for this challenge because I love running and what God teaches me through it! I’m actually planning on posting on Facebook everyday what He teaches me while I’m out!
    My phone messed up while sending so hopefully this isn’t the second comment I leave here. 🥴😁

  13. I began my running journey with the VR to Rock Star program in 2017. I have been running about 2, 3 to 4 days a week and just really like doing challenges because it gives me accountability. I also have a 10K coming up on May 18th so figured doing 5K Every Day in May would help me prepare myself. I do have a question: does the 3.1 have to be all at one time or if needed can we break it up into sections throughout the day? Not sure how my old body can handle running 3.1 at once everyday. I go to the gym at lunchtime and usually run/walk half mile to a mile as a warm up so didn’t know if that could count to the 3.1 for the day? Have fun everyone!!!!

  14. Amy Hoffa- I am doing this with a group of friends from work. I’m hoping that it helps me to develop a daily routine!

  15. I signed up so that I have accountability and motivation to stick to it. It’s easy for me to stop altogether when I miss a run or two. Also, my wife signed up, so I kind of felt like i had to!

  16. Hi! I am Dana Pew and I signed up to keep me going in between training sessions 🙂 also it has been a long time since I opened the Bible

  17. Justin Yoder: I’ve run on and off the last few years. A half marathon in 2016 and 2017 but sort of stopped running in 2018. Really started back up in April of this year so I’m looking for motivation to keep running and keep dropping pounds and I think this is it! I typically run nights but was up at 4am this morning for my 5k. I meet with two different mens groups every week and have really discovered in the past few years the power of banding together with other Christ Followers. Looking forward to this group and the rest of this month!

  18. Good Morning
    I am Kelly Uksas. I am trying to get back running. I feel this challenge is just what I need to give me the extra push.

  19. I signed up to get fit!! I’ve been a slacker since the holidays and had so much trouble training for the HOF relay. I’m ready to get fit physically, emotionally, and spiritually again! Melissa Shanks

  20. Jodi Polen: I love the challenge to get out there every day in May. It keeps me motivated and just helps me to feel good physically. I also love the challenge of reading the 3 chapters each day and hearing others’ perspectives and what God is teaching them throughout the month. I always learn new things each time I read through the gospels. Thanks for putting this challenge out there!

  21. Matt Yoder: I thought of this doing the 5k challenge on my own, then had a friend recommend this. I’m anticipating more running this summer. I’m a fan of the accountability as a motivator. So it made sense to join. I also like the reading the gospels challenge. All the best to everyone!

  22. Checking in. Day one completed. Also reading Ryan Hall’s book “Run the mile your in”.

  23. Checking in. Day 1. Adding this challenge to my Grandmas Marathon training. Did the 5k challenge last year and looked forward to doing it again.

  24. I loved it last year. I am looking forward to getting my son moving with more intensity. He has been walking for over a year, but needs a push to get sweating to see the health changes I hope to see for him. I use this challenge as a rehab of sorts where I can slowly and consistently build toward summer and fall goals.

  25. David Miller- I love a challenge and running, also you get to see the progress of others and yourself.

  26. Benji Mast- love the challenge of doing a 5k every day for a month as well as doing the Bible reading with it. Plus, the shirt at the end always has a great design!

  27. Taylor Polen:
    I did 5k May last year, and it was so much fun! I’m looking forward to doing it again this year.

  28. I like running. I love reading the firsthand accounts of Jesus’ life. I like the fit of the t shirts.

  29. I’m Jan Maxwell. I did this last year and succeeded so I thought I would try it again! I also love the idea of getting in the word every day!!

  30. I’m excited for the challenge and accountability to go 5K every day in May. Thank you for hosting this!

  31. Tiffany Seran- was invited by a coworker- excited to push myself and get moving and stay moving! Looking forward to growing through this journey spiritually and physically!

  32. David Sears: I run for reasons of health. We are to treat our bodies as a Temple for the Lord. As a recent cancer survivor, I look forward to each day and thank God for each sunrise and each sunset I see. Running or walking(on rest days) a 5K each day shows me the wonders of God’s creation in the Chippewa Lake area. (This includes the slithery serpents)

  33. I’m Courtney Merriman. I chose to do the 5k every day in May for the accountability of running and reading the Bible every day!

  34. Hello! I am Emily Dougherty. And I signed up because I am not a runner, my sister is, and I thought this challenge would be awesome!! I just completed the 5K for the day. And am about to read the Scripture!!!

  35. Tracey WHeeler. I participated last year and enjoyed the encouragement to set and meet my daily goals. I’m joining virtually from Florida!

  36. Rick Coblentz- Excited for the challenge and a motivational booster. Hopefully a start to a lot more running.

  37. I got my 5k done this afternoon. I did this challenge last year and the year before and it’s kinda addicting….at least once you’ve had 11 months to recover!! It is fun, challenging, and rewarding. It’s also encouraging to know that others are doing it with you.

  38. I signed up (1) because the Polens are fantastic people and because I love the friendship and camaraderie of this group.

  39. Tanya Blough, because I have wonderful coworkers who hold each other accountable to be the best we can be physically and spiritually!

  40. Barb Yoder. I tried this last year but did not complete. Thought I would try again this year

  41. Justin holt, YEAH! It is that time of the year again. I love the community of this challenge. Get to make new friends and get healthier at the same time. Win win

  42. This is my second year doing the 5K a day in May. I was in better shape last year so this year will be a challenge to get going again. Day one wasn’t too horrible though. Also hoping to use this challenge to get back into daily readings. I recently finished reading The Case For Christ. It talks a lot about tying what Christ said and did back to what profits had said in the Old Testament. I’ve always read the gospel with my current life in mind, never thinking that all this happened during a time when all people knew was the Old Testament. I started today with the book of Daniel and already things make more sense. I am starting to get a better understanding around the “why” Jesus said and did certain things the way he did and why those things meant so much to those who heard or saw it.

  43. Stephanie – I signed up because I need a kick start to get me back on track. I have a half marathon in September and I am not keeping up with my training.

  44. I’m always looking for a new challenge . I also like the Bible reading with the running!

    • Why did I join? #1 because I’m crazy #2. My body needs it #3. To prove to myself and others that I can do it #4. To stretch myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. #5. To teach my mind and body discipline #6. Because I’m always up for a good challenge.

  45. Day one … I signed up for accountability. I felt great after completing the challenge last year and vowed I would stick to a 5k everyday …. but I didn’t . Here’s to starting over ✅

  46. Running and reading the bible, both add clarity to the day! Love the escape both bring.

  47. Corey Yoder-signed up on a whim. Ryan signed up too and I thought maybe I’d give it a whirl.

  48. Jamie-checking in! I did this last year and I completed it (there were a few nights when it was late and really just wanted to go to bed, but hopped on the elliptical instead). Love the accountability, and the positive support of this group.

  49. Connor Wells here, I’m going to give the running a shot. We shall see how this goes, I’ll be traveling around some this month so… it could get interesting running in different states…

  50. I love the accountability of doing 3.1miles every day!! It allows a time of the day for me only!!

  51. I’m Cassie Chance and I did this last year but missed something and didn’t get the cute shirt! I love the challenge and the accountability!

  52. Thought I commented but can’t find it now. Love 5K May. Gets me motivated and back in shape! My goal is to continue running after this month. Just not every day! This will be my 3rd year

    • Hi, my name is Ruth. I joined due to Lorelei Suehrsted. I need this right now, both the exercise and the Scriptures. Thank you!

  53. SaraBeth Babuski— I want to do this because I never walk or run a 5k everyday for a month.

  54. I love a good challenge! I’m competitive with myself, and once challenged, I stick to it and get it done. I recently moved and have had about 3 weeks off, so it’s time to move it, move it!!

  55. Beth Babulski- I want to do this to have more quality family time. Share the love of walking/running with my kids.

  56. I need motivation to get back to being active. A goal is helpful. It felt hard, and I got blisters on both big toes, blood blister on the left, but Day1 is done. And I did it last year. The difference between last year and this year is that last year I was running every day and a 5K was nothing. This year, I’ve run five times, and I’m horribly out of shape. Mostly, I’m looking forward to the prize of getting to sit next to my ex-husband at Lems at the after party again. That is sarcasm there.

  57. This is Nicole Geiser. I signed up because it sounded like fun and I wanted to try the challenge. Got my 5k in today running/walking.

  58. Day one done 😃 I need to exercise and it is always one of the last things on the list that don’t get done. I am hoping by the end I will enjoy exercising! Not sure if I will complete it but I am going to try.

  59. Randy Geiser
    This is my 3rd year doing 5K May challenge. I really enjoy the challenge that it brings and the accomplishing part of it.

  60. My name is Gail and I am looking forward to the challenge of doing this and the reading . This will be my first time.

  61. I’ve been needing some motivation and accountability, so decided I’d give this a go.

  62. Friends from work signed me up with them … I normally don’t do cardio but I am determined to do this 5k in May everyday… 1 down 30 more to go !!!

  63. I haven’t missed a 5k in the month of May yet so why stop now. Also it’s great to do the reading. It’s amazing as many times I’ve been through these verses how God seems to show something I missed before and I get to see how God is speaking to others. Can’t beat that.

  64. My husband did this last year and he suggested we do it together this year. I needed some motivation and this is a great start.

  65. Heather Heatwole: I’m probably crazy for doing this in the heart of baseball, soccer and birthday season but I love a good challenge and the discipline it takes.

  66. I didn’t notice I was supposed to tell why I’m taking on this challenge. Enjoyed doing it last year, had to do a few early or late runs to get them squeezed in. I’ve ran my 2 spring goal races so now just staying in shape. Plus I have 3 beagles that need the exercise. Tomorrow morning they’re in for a surprise. I also took on the challenge of reading 3 chapters of the bible each day last year. After the challenge I continued reading a minimum of 3 chapters per day. At the end of 51 weeks I had read the whole bible. Good luck to all accepting the challenge.

  67. I’ve been on a diet for 6 weeks……..lost 30 pounds!!! Saw this on FB, and I thought why not. Did my 5k this morning finishing up reading Matthew 1-3 tonight!!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks Jeff.

  68. Nicola Reynolds, I wanted to do something active for the month of May!and will bible journal along the way

  69. I have done the 5k challenge the last two years. It is always a great time, and I enjoy the peacefulness from it.

  70. Marion Troyer; I’ve been on a diet for 6 weeks….. lost 30 pounds and feeling very good!!!!! Saw this on FB and thought why not. Did the 5k this morning, finishing up reading Matthew 1-3 tonight!!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks Jeff.

  71. I am doing this because my husband is and I like to spend time with him. He was the first to say yes, but, if I’m being honest, I’ve been putting off taking better care of myself. I’m looking forward to forming a good habit and feeling better.

  72. This is my third year doing the challenge. This year was quite a bit harder to say yes, but I’m excited to accomplish another year of 5k every day in the month of May.

  73. My friend, Kendra Smith invited me to join! I used to run often, and I haven’t the last year. But I miss how running makes me feel!

  74. Rob Ballou, second go at this challenge. Hopefully this year will find me getting out and getting in my 5k before 11:30pm. My procrastination made for some pretty hard efforts last year.
    I really found this challenge to be quite a boost in my training as it got me out and at it , even the night before a race.

  75. Signed up to run a 5k every day out of the belief that being disciplined in this will positively affect other areas of life.

  76. I did this last year and it was a great kick start to the summer. It helps me stay consistent. Thanks for the challenge.

  77. So excited to be participating! Doing it for Jeff, he inspires me to be healthy and follow Jesus more… I am all for both of those things!

  78. Day 2 complete. Been a while since I’ve run two days in a row. We’ll see how the legs feel tomorrow.

  79. Checking in a day late because I was helping my mom with a medical issue and didn’t read all the instructions or get registered until today. Doing this to get more consistent in my running and more importantly Bible reading.

  80. I need challenges to motivate me! And I’m a day late, cause I couldn’t find yesterday where to ‘check in’ at.

  81. I decided to sign up just as a way of pushing myself and holding myself accountable to achieving my goals! So excited to see the difference from the beginning till the end

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