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Midweek Worship Connection (April 12, 2017)

Midweek Worship Connection | Episode 7

This week’s episode started with the question: “What do you do when your world gets crazy?”

After a rousing rendition of “My Lighthouse”, we opened our Bibles to the second chapter of the book of Daniel. In this chapter, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, had dreams that deeply troubled him. He demanded that the wisemen in Babylon not only interpret the dreams, but also that they tell him the content of the dreams (so that he could know for sure they were not just making up an interpretation to save their own skin).

This was an impossible demand!

When the wisemen could not tell him the content of his dreams, he decided they were worthless and decreed that all wisemen in the nation be killed. Daniel, being one of the wisemen sentenced to die, realized that the only way to survive this crazy episode was for God to intervene.

So what did he do? He called on his friends to be prayer warriors!

What about you? When the going gets rough in your life… when the circumstances seem impossible… do you try to go it alone? Or, like Daniel, do you humbly (and wisely) seek prayer support from those closest to you?

Life can be difficult, for sure. God has promised that we will never be alone because He is always with us, but He has also given us amazing friends and family who are often willing to join with us in prayer when asked to do so. Let’s take a moment today to thank God for that reality, and also to walk in that reality by letting our friends and family know how they can join with us in prayer!

The episode ends with a song Jeff wrote several years ago as he was praying for some friends. The song is called, “He Will Lift You, My Friend.”



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