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Midweek Worship Connection (April 5, 2017)

Midweek Worship Connection | Episode 6

Jodi joined me for another round of the Midweek Worship Connection. We sang another oldie but goodie, “Give Us Clean Hands” as we prepared to jump into our study of the book of Daniel.

In the video I referred to Daniel as a “Minor Prophet”, but that was not accurate.

Apparently Daniel is referred to by most scholars as a “Major Prophet”, even though the main difference between major and minor is book length and the book of Daniel is shorter than both Hosea and Zecharia in chapter length… This is a mystery to me and something that I want to look deeper into. So, if you have any insight, please feel free to comment and let me know what makes Daniel a “Major Prophet” instead of a “Minor Prophet.”

Following the opening song, we walked through the first chapter of Daniel and talked about how he refused to defile himself while in captivity. Even though he was being offered choice wine and meat from the king’s own table, he refused to do anything that would taint him in any way. Even in the midst of captivity, his driving passion was to honor the LORD in everything.

What a great challenge!

The episode ends with an original song that I wrote with Rocky Favia Jr. for the If We project. The song is called “Not To Us (Psalm 115)”.



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