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Final Day of LTC Denver

We finished our time in Denver yesterday with a strategic planning session, an outreach to a shopping center, and a commissioning service in the Rocky Mountains. 

The strategic planning session consisted of walking the teens through a time of dreaming, praying, and planning out how they can Lead THE Cause in their home area when they get home. They came up with prayer goals, pursue goals, persuade goals, and multiply goals for the next 12 months. 

With a goal in place, we set out to start putting our faith into action and went to a local shopping area to get into Gospel Conversations with people. It was awesome. We got into 46 Gospel Conversations and met a lot of really great people. No one put their faith in Jesus on the spot, but I think a lot of people left those conversations really thinking about Jesus. 

Lexi and I were in a conversation with a mother and daughter who were playing Pokémon Go and we were able to share the full message of the Gospel with them. I asked if the message made sense and they said it did. I asked if there was anything holding them back from trusting in Jesus right now and they said nothing. But the mom said she just didn’t want to. It was really sad. I asked the daughter and I could tell that she wanted to put her faith in Christ and receive His free gift of grace, but her mom wouldn’t let her. It was very sad and strange. They left and we were left just hoping that the message was clear enough that they will keep thinking about it and eventually put their faith in Jesus alone and receive eternal life. 

After the outreach experience we packed up and drove into the Rocky Mountains for a Commissioning Service. It was awesome. Each student was anointed and commissioned to go back to their homes and Lead THE Cause with their friends, family members, teammates, classmates, co-workers, and total strangers. 

Jesus left us with the Great Commission (not the Nice Suggestion) and told His followers to be His witnesses everywhere. As I look at the world around us (just turn on the news…) it is clear that we have not  yet fulfilled His Great Commission. 

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we, His followers, took His words to heart and actually did what He asked us to do

I can! 

I was blessed to be a part of a group who was doing it for the past week. My prayer is that it will continue into this week, and the next, and the next, and the next…



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  1. Super sad that we have to go home today but it was so amazing all week a lot of teens opened their eyes and God filled the love they needed and it was life changing for most teens and adults.

  2. Had a blast in Colorado. Loved that we got to go out and share the gospel with people we don’t even know. Definatly looking forward to going on the LTC trip next year! God’s creation of the mountains were also the best thing i have ever seen in my life!!

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