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Thursday Morning

Time is flying… It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will already be our last day here at Lead THE Cause Denver. 

This morning we heard a teaching on 4 Chair Disciping, talked about what it means to persuade with truth, and then had our final Core Group session. I really enjoyed my Core Group (Group I is the best!) and it was an absolute pleasure to be their trainer for the week. 

Right now we are spread out across the campus writing letters to friends and family members who don’t know or have a personal relationship with Jesus. We are using the letters to let them know that we love them and to clearly explain the Gospel message to them in hopes that it will initiate a Gospel Conversation. 

Please pray for the nearly 500 letters that will be going out from this campus. Pray that the people who receive the letters will have ears to hear and will understand and respond to God’s free gift of salvation through Christ. 



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  1. Seeing the youth group excited about our Lord and savior and wanting to share him with their lost friends gives me hope for the future. As adults I think we need to think of the future more often and perhaps think of the future of our friends. Perhaps sharing Jesus Christ with our friends would give them hope for the future. Oh by the way Core Group K is the best

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