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Monday @ #WindyLTC

Today we arrived at LTC Denver on the campus of Colorado Christian University. It is a really beautiful campus. I have wanted to see it for myself for many years, now. It is very cool. We actually arrived quite a bit early so we passed the time at a mall eating lunch, randomly shopping, and laughing a lot. Joy of joys, there was a Starbucks in the mall. Yum. 

The housing at CCU is awesome! We should be in good shape there. 

I went for a quick 5k after arriving (I am actually on day 72 of “5k Every Day in the Month of May”, so I didn’t want to miss one). Then I had a couple of meetings and went to dinner. 

Our first session started after dinner and it was a call to join Jesus in THE Cause (the Great Commission). It was good stuff. 

We took an intermission and met briefly with our Core Groups, which is about 30-40 students and leaders from all different groups who will be learning together classroom style in the next few days. I have the privilege of teaching one of the Core Groups (Group I is the best!), which is exactly what I was doing in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I’m looking forward to Core Group time. It’s good for our students, too, to be split up a bit and to learn from other Youth and Ministry Leaders. 
The second session was really powerful, and focused on the importance of prayer. We actually learned a bit, but also spent a lot of time actually praying. That is one of the things that I love about Dare 2 Share -they don’t just talk about things… they actually provide opportunities and expect students AND leaders to walk out what we talk about. 

Sounds super Biblical to me…

For me, one highlight of the day was getting an opportunity to re-connect with good friends and fellow workers for the sake of the Gospel. One low-point was being away from home on my daughter’s birthday. 



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