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…and Then It Happened

At this point I am feeling a bit like Jonah…

A couple of weeks ago I went along with the Fairlawn Mennonite Church Youth Group to Lead THE Cause in Chicago, IL. A couple of hours into the trip and our air conditioning gave out. 

It got hot. 

It was out the whole hot and steamy ride home. 

I told the bus driver that pretty much every time I take a charter bus on a mission trip the air conditioning gives out. At that point he decided that I must be the problem. He may have been right. 

Today, everything was going well on the trip … and then it happened. Somewhere in Missouri it started to get pretty hot. Then the bus shut down. 

Now we are on the side of the road hoping it will get back up and running. 

It is for times such as this that I encourage the Youth Group to “Keep Open Hands” on a mission trip. 

You never know what is going to happen… but admittedly I have come to expect that the air conditioning will likely give out. 



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