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On the Road to Colorado

We are on our way… We packed up and left from MCA around 10:30am (after the church service) and have just been sitting on a bus for the past several hours. We have many more hours to go. 

I am excited to be heading to Lead THE Cause in Denver, Colorado. The MCA Youth Group will be trained and challenged to own their faith and share their faith in Denver. Then we will be sent home to do the same in our own communities with our own friends, family members, teammates, co-workers and neighbors that we know and love and want to see put their faith in Christ. 

It is going to be an amazing week. I’ll be posting updates along the way, and hopefully some of the Youth will weigh in with their own comments and updates. 

So far the most exciting thing that has happened is a toss-up between Heather’s amazing “Road Trip Scavenger Hunt” game, and the rubber band bracelet container falling on the floor…



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