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A Different Kind of Museum

We spent nearly an hour in a museum that holds no old items… They have only new items based on old items. Yeah, it was strange.

The museum holds articles that are replicas of what would have been in the original Temple (built by Solomon or Ezra & Nehemiah). It was clearly a Jewish tour guide who walked us through the museum.

It was a bit heartbreaking to hear her talk about the need for sacrifice. As Christians, we recognize that Jesus has made the final sacrifice and we no longer need to offer another. She was blinded to this. It was sad.

She also mentioned that when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, they were not cursed. Only the earth was cursed, but not Adam and Eve… How do they read the same text in Genesis and not realize that man was clearly cursed and desperately in need of a Savior?!

The people who are responsible for this museum are desperate to have the Temple Mount back from the Muslims. They believe that some day God will give it back to them and they will be ready for it! They have spent millions of dollars re-creating articles for the Temple. I can’t imagine how much they would spend on rebuilding the temple itself…




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