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The Temple Mount

First thing this morning we went to the location of Solomon’s Temple in the center of old Jerusalem. It is a location that has changed hands many times.

Currently it is an Islamic area. Because of that, we were not allowed to bring a Bible, a cross, or anything that could possibly be offensive to Muslims. We had to go through a security checkpoint before we could enter. As we walked in, one of the girls in our group was stopped and was not allowed to enter because her dress was not long enough (apparently below the knees is not nearly low enough). She had to buy a garment to wrap around herself so we could proceed. It was ridiculous.

In the center of the city walls there is a huge temple called the “Dome of the Rock”. It is a sacred artifact for Muslims. Apparently it is considered to be the third most sacred sight in Islam.

I don’t want to say anything bad about Islam, but honestly, I don’t have anything nice to say about it. It is the most deceptive, false, and hateful religion that I know of. It breaks my heart. I’m not talking about Islamic people in particular, but the religion itself. God, open their eyes and hearts to see the truth.




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