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Ben Yahuda Street

After dinner there were several of us from the group who walked a little over a mile to the Jewish center of town. There is a busy street that we wanted to see. The Sabbath ends when the sun goes down and we heard that the street would immediately come to life when the Sabbath was over.

Sure enough, within a matter of 15 minutes the street went from empty to bustling. It was interesting to watch.

The most entertaining part of our journey was when a woman walking a dog started getting randomly yelled at. Then we realized that the yelling was not random at all. Her large dog left a pile of large dung on the sidewalk. The person was clearly upset with her for not cleaning it up, so she went to the nearest store to get a plastic bag. We assumed she would pick up her dog’s mess, but suddenly she just turned and walked away.

The pile remained on the street so we just watched to see if anyone would step in it. (In retrospect, perhaps we should have gone and cleaned it up ourselves… Nah).

Finally a random car came driving down the sidewalk. It did a three-point turn right over top of the pile of poo, and drove off with the mess now firmly lodged onto the car tire. Our fun was over.




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  1. So glad u r. Getting this experience….loved watching the kids…I can’t believe how much I miss them so…..can’t wait to see u guys..have fun…Denise

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