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We set out to explore the fortress built by Herod the Great for his own funeral memorial. It was quite a sight!

On one hand, all of these fortresses start to blur together and look exactly the same. It’s almost like you walk to the top of a mountain and say, “Oh look! There’s a bunch of rocks that look like something.”

On the other hand, each location is incredibly unique and fascinating.

Herodian was no exception! It was exceptional. For all of his craziness, he was a brilliant architect.

Part of the fun of Herodian was the underground tunnel system that was utilized by the Jewish revolt when they were being attacked by the Romans. Tunnels ran here and there and everywhere and we zig-zagged through them to find our way out of the fortress.

There is not really any Biblical significance of this location beyond the idea that this could possibly be where the magi met with King Herod while looking for the baby King. That baby was born in Bethlehem. You can clearly see Bethlehem from Herodian. We will be traveling there next.




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