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Hmm. What to say about Bethlehem?

I’m glad to have been there. I don’t care to ever go again.

Obviously the story of the birth of Christ is a significant story. In a way, being here was a sober reminder of what Joseph and Mary would have gone through to make their way to Bethlehem on that first Christmas. But modern-day Bethlehem was a bit sickening to me.

Orthodox and Catholic Churches fight over a cave that “may have been” the birthplace of Jesus. We waited in line for an hour to walk down steps to what I guess was that cave. I can’t honestly tell you what I saw when I got to the bottom, but I saw it. Whatever it is. I saw it.

I don’t care to ever see it again. Whatever it is.

While coming through the church we were told to be quiet over and over again. We got kicked out of the Catholic church (there was a baptism going on, so I guess we were not welcome), and when we left the churches we heard the Muslim call to prayer going off right across the street. This is yet another location that the Muslims are trying to take over -even though there is really no Islamic significance.

Bethlehem is currently located under the Palestinian authority, so Israeli citizens are not allowed in.

As we were leaving I saw a sign that said “Pray for the freedom of Palestine. We welcome you as we welcomed the Prince of Peace.” Yeah right! As I remember, He was quite rejected…




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