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Then Again… Maybe Not

I may have been a little too excited and assumed we were going to be in Jerusalem today. I don’t think we will be after all. It looks like we will be traveling to areas all around Jerusalem, but will not actually be in the city until tomorrow.

Today is the Sabbath day in Judaism, so there would not be much to see in the city. The Sabbath started last night around 1 hour prior to sundown. It starts approximately 1 hour before sundown so that they can protect the fringes of the Sabbath and be sure not to break it.

There is actually an elevator in our hotel that is programmed to stop at every floor and open the door on the Sabbath. This is so that Jews can enter the elevator and get out on whatever floor they want without ever actually pushing a button -that would be work.

As it turns out, we will start our adventures this morning in En Gedi next to the Dead Sea. Sounds good!




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