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We stood on the banks of the Lake where Jesus met Peter after his death and resurrection. There is a Catholic Church set around a stone that could possibly be where Jesus and Peter had their covenant meal. It is in remembrance of where Jesus asked Peter 3 times “Do you love me?”

Why did Peter put his clothes on before jumping into the lake? Was he trying to hide himself? Perhaps he was ashamed of himself and did not want to be seen by the Lord. The Bible does not actually say that Peter jumped in and swam to Jesus. It just says that he put on his outer garment and jumped in. It appears that he jumped back into the boat prior to talking to Jesus.

The Roman records noticed and official number of 153 nations in the world during the time that John was writing. The number of fish mentioned in John (153), was probably enforcing the idea of fishing for men -and of bringing the Gospel to all nations.

I dipped my feet into the water. It was refreshing.

Other thoughts:

Last time Peter and Jesus sat around a charcoal fire was when Peter said he would follow Jesus but failed to do so.

Last time the disciples caught so many fish, the net broke. This time John made a point to mention that the net did not break. Perhaps this is to indicate the superiority of Christ post-resurrection.




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