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#Weekly Worship Thoughts Book


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Ever wished there was a simple manual for leading worship?


Well, here it is, set in 52 short, easy-to-digest chapters.


#WEEKLYWORSHIPTHOUGHTS points the way to a fulfilling and God-honoring method of leading your congregation in worship. Jeff Polen provides a roadmap to success in a humorous yet forthright way.


Whether you are a worship leader wanting to help your team members flourish, a musician wanting to improve your skills, or a pastor longing to see your congregants become more involved in worship, this is the book for you.


You will find insightful chapters such as:


  • Oh No, I Messed Up!  What Now?
  • Musicians From Mars, Vocalists From Venus
  • The Sound Man Is Your Friend
  • The Prayer Closet


Leading God-honoring worship will have an impact not only in the moment but also for eternity.

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