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#WWT Chapter Forty-Three

In the previous chapter, I shared some tips for a great practice, which is what worship team members should be doing on their own time in order to prepare for rehearsal. I hope you found those tips to be helpful. In today’s weekly worship thought, I want to pick up where we left off and talk about how to make the most of your time together, when you bring what you have practiced on your own to the group in rehearsal.

#WWT Chapter Forty-Two

When I think about “Practice” in the context of a worship team, I think about what team members do (or should be doing) on their own time. With that in mind, I want to share some tried and true tips for a great practice on today’s Weekly Worship Thoughts.

#WWT Chapter Thirty-Four

There is no question that the lead vocals are the most important piece of the worship team musical pie, but what about the BACKING vocals? How do they fit in? What is their role? Are the backing vocals just a duplication of the lead vocals, or do they have their own unique slice of the musical pie? Let’s talk about it! 

#WWT Chapter Thirty-Two

In the last several #WeeklyWorshipThoughts videos, we have focused on each of the typical worship team instruments individually. But what about the worship team that uses atypical configurations, or the worshiper who wants to offer their bagpipe, ukulele, or xylophone skills to the worship team?