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Category#WWT Supplemental Video Series

#WWT Chapter Sixteen

For years I operated as a worship leader who did not quite understand the dynamic of Musicians and Vocalists being so different from one another. I could sense the difference in my gut, but I didn’t have the clarity to actually name it and act accordingly.

#WWT Chapter Fourteen

For the past several weeks we have talked about becoming a musical ninja. We outlined the different parameters for musical beat, discovered how to know what notes and chords are in each key, how those chords within a key can be represented by numbers, and even what notes make up each individual chord. Now it is time to put all of that knowledge together…

#WWT Chapter Eleven

In contemporary western music, songs are typically written in a specific key and only include notes and chords that are a part of that key. In fact, each song essentially uses only seven notes over and over again. In this chapter, we will discover how to find those seven notes for each key.

#WWT Chapter Nine

In the next several Weekly Worship Thoughts supplemental videos I will be unpacking a basic understanding of music theory to help you understand how to practically utilize the Nashville Numbers System in your context. Then… we can all be musical ninjas, wizards, and gurus as we work together to lead God’s people in musical worship.

#WWT Chapter Seven

Life has a lot of distractions! Kind of like billboards and signs and other vehicles on the road, life has a lot going on. It can be hard to stay focused with so many distractions vying for attention. As worshipers, we can certainly become distracted ourselves, but as worship leaders, we must recognize this constant pull that our people face and try to help them stay focused in the midst of the distraction.