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Gratitude Challenge: Day 17

I have decided to spend the month of November focusing on thankfulness. To help me with this challenge, I signed up to receive a daily prompt from the Day One journal app, encouraging me to write about something I am thankful for. I will, of course, aim to pair the daily journal entry with a photo.

Here is today’s prompt:

In what ways have I grown as a person over the last year?

One thing that I have committed myself to this year is posting a photo every single day in 2023. I feel like it has helped me to grow as a photographer, but more than that, I feel like it has helped me to grow in being more present and taking in the simple beauty of every day life.

I am thankful for the challenge, because it has truly pushed me to grow in just noticing things. The beauty of God is so often hidden in plain sight… just waiting to be discovered.

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