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Gratitude Challenge: Day 8

I have decided to spend the month of November focusing on thankfulness. To help me with this challenge, I signed up to receive a daily prompt from the Day One journal app, encouraging me to write about something I am thankful for. I will, of course, aim to pair the daily journal entry with a photo.

Here is today’s prompt:

Who are three people in my life that I am grateful for?

Realistically, there are way too many people to list. Three would not even begin to cover it.

When I think about this question, I obviously think about my wife and my family. I am SO thankful for them. I also think about people with whom I have had the privilege and pleasure of partnering with in ministry, and the Jeff Polen Music Ministry Team, and the amazing people who support me and Jodi in ministry. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for all of these people.

However, the three people that I want to list as the ones I am MOST thankful to, it would be the following three Persons:

1. God the Father

2. God the Son

3. God the Holy Spirit

I am so thankful to be loved and adopted by God the Father. THANK YOU!

I am so thankful to be saved by and invited to follow Jesus, God the Son. THANK YOU!

I am so thankful to be led and empowered by God the Holy Spirit. THANK YOU!

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