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Gratitude Challenge: Day 6

I have decided to spend the month of November focusing on thankfulness. To help me with this challenge, I signed up to receive a daily prompt from the Day One journal app, encouraging me to write about something I am thankful for. I will, of course, aim to pair the daily journal entry with a photo.

Here is today’s prompt:

What is a happy memory from my childhood?

I think one of my happiest memories from childhood was playing guitar. My dad played guitar, and I was always so amazed by it. How could that piece of wood with metal strings make such an incredible sound?!

My grandma also played guitar. I remember being very young and being at her house when a bunch of people came over, started a fire, lit cattails, and played hillbilly music long into the night. I just loved being around that sort of thing. 

One of my cherished possessions is the Fender Starcaster that my grandma used to own. She passed it on to my dad, and he gave it to me. I love it. Here it is propped up against my grandma’s old Fender Musicmaster Bass amplifier (which she played the Starcaster through).

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