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A Day at Life School

After our quick trip to San Francisco, I had the privilege of leading worship and speaking at an Area Youth Ministry event. It was awesome! God was moving powerfully!

For our final full day in California, our good friend Steve Suh drove us to Santa Cruz to hang out with Zane Black (Lovin’ Life) and the students in his “Life School” program. I taught in the afternoon on “Making Disciples”, and then we went to the beach for an evening campfire worship session.

While we were hanging out and preparing for the worship session, several of the students (and Zane) grabbed their surf boards and hit the waves. I just grabbed my camera and took some photos.

Here is a photo that I took real quick of Zane hanging with a couple of teenagers. Some of the teenagers are students in the Life School. One of them was just hanging out. We ended up having dozens of non-Life School students show up and worship with us on the beach.

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