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Photo Every Day 2023

With this being the first week of school, I figured I would do a set of “Photo Every Day 2023” photos highlighting each of our exceptional students, and listing one of their (many) great qualities that I admire.

Today I want to highlight our 11th grader, Taylor.

Aside from being an excellent dresser (notice the awesome Jeff Polen Music t-shirt), Taylor has been an awesome student.

I think the quality that I most admire about Taylor is her memory. She can remember the craziest things! This quality seems to be super helpful in her ability to recite music and learn new languages, but it has also been personally helpful to me throughout the years.

We have been blessed to travel quite a bit as a family, and we get to meet a LOT of people as we go. I wish I were better at remembering names, but it is not a strong point for me. I will often ask Taylor, “What is the name of that one person we met at that one place who has blonde hair and was wearing that specific shirt?” Almost every single time she will know exactly who I mean… and exactly what their name is. That is a real gift.

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