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Photo Every Day 2023

This past week I had the privilege of co-laboring in the gospel with my friend, Nate Gillen.

Nate is a rock star! He has been serving as a Gospel Advancing Youth Leader in Joplin, MO for the past several years. I have had the privilege of joining him for several “Impact JoMo” events, and I always love seeing him serve so well where God has placed him.

Nate cares deeply for the city God has placed him in, and for the students that he is shepherding so well. This guy had a passion to bring “Lead THE Cause” to his city, and did the hard work (and prayer work) to make it happen!

Of course, behind every good man is an even better woman. His wonderful wife, Kristi, no doubt did a lot of the heavy lifting, herself. They make a great team!

I can’t wait to (hopefully) partner with the Gillen family again in the future.

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