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#5kMay2023 Shirt

Yesterday we revealed the JPM 5k & Musik Fest shirt, which we are really exited about. From the Facebook comments, it sounded like others like it, too. There is still time to sign up and register to run or walk (even virtually) and get a copy of the shirt, yourself.

Today we are revealing the #5kMay2023 finisher’s shirt, which I am also super excited about! What do you think?!

One thing that I love about this year’s design is that a fellow #5kMayer named Mark Oldham actually created the logo. In year’s past, I have always created the #5kMay logo, but I wanted to get Mark to take a stab at it this year because he is an awesome guy and an excellent designer. My daughters, Abigail & Piper, initially sketched out the basic design, but Mark took it to the next level.

I felt like the logo this year was too good to not incorporate into the finisher’s t-shirt. I hope all of the #5kMay2023 finishers enjoy it, and wear their shirt with the pride of knowing that they earned it.

If you are a #5kMay2023 finisher, remember that your first chance to pick up your shirt will be Saturday night at the JPM 5k & Musik Fest.

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