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#Photos from ReVerb 2023

Last week I drove to Lake Geneva, WI with our three oldest girls to lead worship for a youth event called “ReVerb”.

ReVerb is a disciple-making training resource that equips students with practical disciple-making experiences around their relationship with God, their relationship with other believers, and their relationship with lost friends. These core relationships sum up the Great Commandment and Great Commission living- love God, love people, make disciples…

The training is simple, portable and transferable. ReVerb is a way of life to reverberate the gospel from a students’ Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

During the week-long training and outreach experience, I led worship and helped with the training. Taylor played violin, Abigail played ukulele and sang backing vocals, and Piper played keyboard. All three girls were also able to take in the training and be a part of the group.

On Thursday, after being sufficiently trained to share their faith, the students hit the streets of Lake Geneva to try to get into gospel conversations and share the life-changing message of what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross.

Every single student had a chance to share the gospel during the outreach. Here is what Piper had to say about her outreach experience:

After spending 4 days of training at the ReVerb retreat in Lake Geneva, WI, we went to downtown Lake Geneva to share the GOSPEL with people we met. We split up into co-ed groups of two. I was with a guy named Evan.

As we walked around Lake Geneva, we had a couple of unsuccessful GOSPEL conversations. We tried talking to a lot of people, but most of them were not very interested. We talked to a couple of people who said they were Christians and we prayed for them, but they all kind of seemed uninterested.

We were walking up a street and walked past a couple who looked very nice. The girl asked about Evan’s shirt (he was wearing a shirt with a cross on it). She asked where he got it and he told her. We then found out that her name was Victoria. After that I asked if she would mind if we shared the GOSPEL with her. She said that she was a Christian and asked us if we could pray for her. She said that she was really struggling with her finances. She explained to us how she felt like the devil was trying to convince her that God couldn’t provide what she needed. I asked her if we could pray right there with her and she was very happy for us to do that. I started praying for her and she started crying. When I finished she gave me and Evan a giant hug and said that she felt like God sent us to her as angels at the perfect time.

Even though we didn’t actually see anyone put their faith in Jesus Christ for the first time that day, we felt like the outreach was a huge success because we were able to encourage and pray for others. Especially Victoria.

Sadly, I did not take many photos while I was there, but I did take this photo while Piper was sharing her outreach experience with the rest of the group.

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