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#5kMay2023 Daily Fun Photo – May 12

The #DailyFunPhoto challenge prompt for today was to: Run (or walk) your daily 5k on a local nature trail.

I thought that challenge would be a lot of fun, but unfortunately, I just had too much going on to be able to drive to a trail to participate. But don’t worry… I did get my daily 5k in, I just didn’t get it in on a local nature trail. #SadDay

On the way home from taking my sixteen-year-old daughter to a town 45 minutes away to take her driver’s test (she passed, by the way!), we stopped and I took a photo of the nature trail that I was going to walk on.

My lovely family wrapped up their school year (praise the good LORD!) and managed to go to this same trail today to get their 5k in.

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