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#5kMay2023 Daily Fun Photo – May 4

Not exactly the sunniest of all sunrises here in Apple Creek, OH.

Jodi and I planned our run out and woke up early so that we would be at just the right spot when the sun crested the horizon. We made it to the spot right on time. We did our part. The sun, on the other hand, did not do its part…

I am believing with all of my heart, in faith, that the sun is in this picture. You just can’t see it because it was hiding behind the clouds.

Ironically, I turned my phone around and took a photo of us *looking* for the sun, and it almost appeared to be rising behind us. Did the sun rise in the west today?!

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  1. Same thing happened here, although here and there are pretty close in dreary Ohio. Sunny days and spectacular sunrises are just around the corner!

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