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Music Video Wednesday – Great Things You Have Done

Several years ago, on New Year’s Day, I was out for my morning run and found myself marveling over the fact that the good LORD gave me lungs to breath, blood that flows through my veins, arms and legs that move, and many, many trips around the sun.

What a good God!

As I thought about these things, I began to form some lyrics in my head. As soon as I got back from my run, I sat down at a piano and started crafting the lyrics into a song. The result was a song of praise called, “Great Things You Have Done”.

I recorded the song in Taylor’s Playground Recording Studio, with my family helping out. I played most of the instruments, but Jodi sang harmony vocals, Taylor played violin, Abigail played ukulele, Piper played piano, and everyone (including Elijah and Eden) sang background vocals and clapped along. My friend, Matt Meek, filmed us and created the music video.



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