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Photos from Florida 2023

During a recent ministry trip to Florida we had some free time one afternoon, so I walked around with my camera and just took some photos of things that I personally found to be interesting.

One thing I found was this super cool, retro-looking gas pump.

When I was growing up, for whatever reason, we had a gas pump kind of like this just off of our driveway. I’m not sure what the story was with that thing. Perhaps our home was previously a gas station (I doubt it), or maybe it was common for people to have their own, private gas pump back in the day (I doubt that, too). I’m guessing it was just a cool thing that someone placed there for decoration.

As a kid, I often pedaled my BMX bike right up to the gas pump and pretended to put a few gallons right into the frame of my bike. Those were the days…

Did anyone else grow up with something like this at your house?

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  1. Yes!! We had one, and used it! It was so convenient. I do think personal gas pumps were more common back in the 60’s and 70’s.

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