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Photos from Safari 2023

One last photo from our camp in Kenya before I show pictures from our actual safari…

This is a photo of a couple of Masai warriors at the resort. These are the guys who would escort us from the lodge to our tents. 

You can see a weapon tucked under the left arm of the man on the left. The man on the right had the same weapon, but it was hidden under his garment. 

The weapon is a small, wooden club called a rungu.

The rungu is not large, but it is effective! It can be used as a throwing club, or as a baton. The rungu has been used in warfare and for hunting by the Masai for generations. 

The rungu is typically about 18-20 inches long, and most of that length is in the narrow shaft, or handle. There is a heavy, wooden knob, or ball, at the end of the shaft. 

Of course, like millions of other tourists, I bought myself a rungu while I was there… but I have no idea how to use it.

These guys know exactly how to use one, and I was glad that they were there—rungu in tow—to keep us safe.

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