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Favorite Photos of 2022

Yesterday I wrote about one of our favorite places to visit each year, Little Eden Camp in Onekama, MI. Each year we are blessed to meet amazing families while we are there. Since they ask me to be a speaker for the camp, they prefer for us to be at a different week of camp each year. So we are often the “outsiders” of that particular camp, while the other families have been coming to that week for years-decades, even.

Still, the “insiders” always seem willing to welcome the “outsiders” in. This past year we met an amazing couple for the first time, Cal & Cheryl Britsch. We enjoyed hearing them tell us stories about the many, many years they have been coming to Little Eden Camp. The camp has obviously been a huge part of their lives, and of their spiritual formation.

They also blessed us by inviting our family to go tubing with them on more than one occasion. Today’s favorite photo of 2022 was taken while I was sitting in the back of their boat while our daughters enjoyed a round of tubing on Portage Lake.

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