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Favorite Photos of 2022

After leaving North Topsail Beach—which is in North Carolina—we decided we would just quickly stop by New Mexico…

It turns out that New Mexico is not overly near North Carolina.

In fact, it was a 24 hour drive from North Topsail Beach, NC to Roswell, NM.


We were driving to New Mexico to hang out with my good friend and partner in the gospel, Nathan Smith. Nathan had originally asked me to speak and lead worship at his youth group winter retreat in February, but I was not able to get there because of multiple flight cancellations. I was super disappointed to not be able to join him and speak to his group, but there was nothing I could do. Thankfully, he asked me to join him for a summer retreat, instead. So we drove the entire family from North Carolina to New Mexico to spend a week with some amazing students.

Several students put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation that week. It was an awesome week, and I absolutely LOVED partnering with Nathan for his event. I hope we get to do more ministry together in the future. 

I had never been to New Mexico before, but I absolutely loved it!

This was a quick photo that I took from the driver’s seat while we were making our way to Roswell.

That was an amazing adventure for our family. This photo reminds me of the adventure that awaits us as we say “YES” to Jesus! 

What kind of adventure do you sense Him calling you in to this year?!

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