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Favorite Photos of 2022

Yesterday I wrote about our every-other-year trip to North Topsail Beach. We love vacationing there as a family. Today I wanted to share another photo from our 2022 family vacation.

This is a simple photo of one of Elijah’s favorite beach activities. He loves scouring the beach for interesting looking shells. His goal is always to find a sand dollar or some sand glass. Occasionally he will find a shark tooth. We always think that is pretty cool.

This photo always makes me think about a question that God is asking each one of us: 

“What’s in your hands?”

Moses had a stick. Samson had a jawbone. David had a sling. The disciples had fish and bread. The Apostle Paul had a pen and paper. 

It is amazing what God can do with seemingly ordinary objects in the hands of a life fully yielded to Him. 

So what’s in your hands today? In what seemingly ordinary ways do you think God wants to use you to do something extraordinary for His glory and for your good?

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