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Favorite Photos of 2022

In the middle of #5kMay2022 we loaded up the family and took a trip to Lancaster, PA to watch “David” at Sight & Sound Theater.


It was awesome!

If you have never been to Sight & Sound, you really should check it out. The theater is amazing, the workers are fantastic, and the performances are incredible!

I absolutely loved their creative, yet true-to-the-biblical-narrative retelling of the life of David.

The music was also next-level good. 

Sometimes I am willing to overlook a poor acting or musical performance if the story is really good, but there is no need to overlook anything at Sight & Sound. Every aspect of what they do is so good.

Our crazy trip to Sight & Sound was a highlight of the year for the Polen kids, and we had to quickly snap this photo in front of the iconic lion statue.

You can’t tell it from this photo, but an hour or two before we took this picture it was pouring down rain. We got to Lancaster just as a huge storm was rolling through. Most of the kids had not gotten their daily 5k in, so we waited out the torrential downpour and then walked to Chick-Fil-A for a little pre-David food. Then we cleaned up quickly and made our way to the theatre. 

The whole family loved Sight & Sound so much that we plan to be back in 2023 to see Moses.

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