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6 thoughts on “#5kMay2021 Podcast (Day 3) Leave a comment

  1. I enjoyed hearing about the tips for runners regarding shoes. Nothing is truly like being challenge to find the lost and being used for God.

  2. Could you give me some advice on what brand shoes would be best for kids who like to run?? My son has little feet size 3, Brooks and Hoka do not make them small enough.

    • Pretty much any decent shoe will work for little kids. They are far more resilient and flexible than adults.

      Most little kids have a great natural stride. It’s only when we get older, have longer legs, have a higher center of gravity, and tend to gain a few extra, unnecessary, unwanted pounds that we really start to benefit from the engineering that goes into a great running shoe.

      That being said, Nike and Adidas both make some great shoes for every age.

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