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24 thoughts on “#5kMay2021 Podcast (Day 1) Leave a comment

  1. Heather Shedron
    Apple Creek
    This is my 2nd year
    Yes, I look forward to the Bible scriptures.
    Not quite up for the Mayhem yet.

  2. 1. God makes beautiful things out of my life like He did others.
    2. Jesus is the Messiah. I want to serve the one true King!
    3. Be bold to proclaim Jesus is the Messiah. Prepare the way of the Lord; make His paths straight (Matt. 3:3). Continue to keep my faith in Jesus Christ. Ready for a massive move for God through me. Share what God has done in my life with others.

  3. Excellent message and first time doing this challenge. Looking forward to pacing, praying and running/walking with all of you.

  4. Just finished walking my first 5K ever! Loved the podcast with scripture, commentary, and music! Of course it ended way before my walk was finished! 😆 One done, thirty to go!! Thanks for your encouraging words!

    Mary S.
    Springfield, IL

    • Awesome!! Great job!!

      I shoot for 30-45 minutes for the podcasts. Too long and the runners don’t get to hear it all. Too short and it runs out before the walkers are finished. I try to meet in the middle. I hope it is helpful.

  5. 1. Jason Rickard
    2. Virginia
    3. 1st time
    4. Yes
    5. Maybe next year. Planning on a 6 hour trail run in Sharpsburg, MD at the end of May.

  6. I’ve been having difficulty falling asleep at night the past several months. I am hoping that listening to these podcasts with the scripture and songs right before heading to bed will help me.

  7. Soooooo I accidentally checked in today on last year’s. 😂 Good thing I’m better at running than technology. God bless you all. 5K done, just not quickly. Learned not to run right after eating dinner.

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