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#5kMay2020 Podcast (Day 31)

Jeff opens the final podcast of #5kMay2020 with a song that was requested earlier in the month, “We Live (for the Glory of God”, from Polen Band’s There Is Nothing New Under the Sun (Vol. 1) CD. He reads Acts 2, and then plays another Polen Band song, “Fire Fall Down” from There Is Nothing New Under the Sun (Vol. 2), offers some commentary, and then reads Acts 3-4 and offers some final commentary to wrap up our study. The podcast closes with the Jeff Polen single released early this month, “Great Things You Have Done.”

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  1. Loved this and the awesome sense of accountability and the group we had doing this with friends and family.

  2. Day 31. So cool loved this challenge. Will do it again next year. Thank you for the invitation

    Bryan Corban

  3. This was such a great challenge for my kids and our neighbors. We built better friendships and got faster. 3.9 miles on the final day with 13+ people in two cars following with flashing lights and blowing horns. Great accomplishment!!! Thank you Jeff for this challenge.
    Dean, Adyn, Kael and Dylan – 5k May 2020 in the books

  4. Great 5K Challenge. Perfect timing for it in soooo many ways. I walked every day every one of them. Thankfully only 1 time my asthma stopped my morning walk into the first mile. I finished off that afternoon. Thank you! 🙏🏻💪💖

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