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#5kMay2020 Podcast (Day 30)

Jeff opens with a song from If We appropriately titled, “Run, Run, Run” from the One album recorded at Taylor’s Playground Recording Studio in 2015. He reads John 20 – Acts 1, offering some thoughts along the way, and then hears from Special Guest, Jon Burdette. The podcast ends with another song from If We called “I Will Be A Witness”.

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    • Checking in on the 5k month of May. Been good and could tell a difference in stamina. Really enjoyed it!!

  1. I’m checking in. I’ve done my 5Ks this month and I’ve read the scriptures. This has been a successful event for me, given I make it through one more day. Thanks for pulling this together yet again. I absolutely love this and look forward to it every year. KUDOS to everyone who was successful. KUDOS for everyone who tried their best even if they came up shy.

  2. Checking in! Day 30 finished. I’m tired and have wanted to quit but I haven’t! 1 more day!!!! I’m excited to complete this challenge. I’ve gotten behind on my verses but I’m not stopping once June 1st hits.

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