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#5kMay2020 Blog (Day 27)

Weekdays following a holiday weekend always feel so bizarre to me. Tuesday was the Mondayest Tuesday that ever Mondayed. Now here we are on “Two-A-Day TuesWednesday.”

I can’t keep my days straight.

All I know for sure is that we are FOUR DAYS from the FINISH LINE!

This morning my bride and I got a nice, cool, morning 5k in, then later in the evening I joined the Wooster Running Group for a much warmer 10k.

Daily Run: For the first run of the day, Jodi and I ran 3.22 miles at a 9:02 pace for a total moving time of 29 minutes and 9 seconds. Hilariously, for the second run, I trotted around Wooster for 6.22 miles at a 9:02 pace (again!) for a total moving time of 56 minutes and 13 seconds.

#5kMayhem Final Instructions: I am going to temporarily postpone my daily Bible reading devotional, and dedicate this space to the final instructions for #5kMayhem.

A lot of people indicated at the beginning of the 5k Every Day in the Month of May challenge that they were planning to participate in the #5kMayhem Bonus Challenge.


As the weeks rolled by, some people started to think, “Um… maybe not…” while others began wondering, “Can I still do the Bonus Challenge if I didn’t sign up for it at the beginning?”

Well, to address those random musings and more, here are the #5kMayhem Final Instructions…

1. If you signed up for the #5kMayhem Bonus Challenge at the beginning of #5kMay2020, but now you don’t want to do it—no worries. It will not disqualify you from completing the actual #5kMay2020 challenge.

2. If you did NOT sign up for the #5kMayhem Bonus Challenge at the beginning of #5kMay2020, but now you DO want to do it—awesome! Welcome to the land of the living! We are glad to have you!

3. The #5kMayhem Bonus Challenge is to complete a 5k walk and / or run every hour on the half hour from 6:30am to 6:30pm on Saturday, May 30, 2020. In simple terms, this is how you should plan your day:

  • 6:30am – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 7:30am – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 8:30am – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 9:30am – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 10:30am – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 11:30am – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 12:30pm – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 1:30pm – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 2:30pm – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 3:30pm – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 4:30pm – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 5:30pm – walk and / or run a 5k
  • 6:30pm – eat, drink, sleep, and be merry!

4. The idea behind the challenge is to be back in time to start another 5k precisely on the half-hour. If you get back with 15-30 minutes to spare, good for you! Rest up and get ready to go again. If you get back with 1 minute to spare, you have roughly 1 minute before your next 5k starts… You get the idea.

5. If you finish the challenge, be sure to indicate that on the FINAL CHECK-IN happening on June 1, 2020. Doing so will ensure that a delicious bag of Better Life Coffee will make it to your well-deserving lips!

6. If you DO NOT finish the challenge, hold your head up high and be proud of yourself for trying. It is a massive undertaking, for sure! We are hoping that people will use this opportunity to really push themselves further than they ever thought possible. If you did that, good for you! No coffee for your lips… but good for your high-effort heart, mind, body, and soul!

7. There really is no seventh piece to the #5kMayhem Final Instructions. I just really like the number seven.

Additionally, we would like to encourage you to find a group to do this challenge with. We really believe it will enhance your chance for success. I will be attempting to do a Facebook Live video between each 5k. If you have a group together, and would like to be a part of one of my Facebook Live videos between laps, send me a direct message on Facebook and I will try to coordinate that with you.

Get rested up, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of carbs, and make sure you take advantage of the 20% off of a single pair of shoes deal that Vertical Runner of Wooster is offering to #5kMay2020 participants. Your feet will thank you. Saturday is going to be epic.



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