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2 thoughts on “#5kMay2020 Podcast (Day 18) Leave a comment

  1. I enjoyed the podcast today. I never heard our Christian life being compared to a pyramid scheme before. I do like the parallels that were pointed out.
    A couple contrasts that I would note—
    In a pyramid scheme it seems it is all about self exaltation. In my Christian walk, its not about exalting myself but exalting King Jesus. In a pyramid scheme it seems like it’s very self centered and doing what’s good for me. In following Jesus, it’s about doing what’s good for others and helping others.

    I’m sure I can grow in both of these areas.
    Thanks for what you shared.

  2. Yes, Paul. It is definitely only “like” a pyramid scheme. Haha. Sadly, it can all-to-easily become EXACTLY like a pyramid scheme, which is #DoingItWrong! The word “scheme” has two very different possible definitions, and therefore, two very different connotations. One positive, one negative. Perhaps I should focus on this subject and go a little deeper into the similarities and differences in today’s blog… Thanks for the feedback!

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