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#5kMay2020 Podcast (Day 7)

Jeff opens with an old hymn made new from Polen Band called “Be Thou My Vision” from the There Is Nothing New Under the Sun (Vol. 2) album. He reads Matthew 19-21, offering some thoughts along the way, and has a little chat with Special Guest, Joe Heatwole from Better Life Coffee. The episode ends with an old Polen Band song remix from the I Am X CD called “Awakened (Eric Kaufman Remix)”.

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  1. The worst run for weather was I think about three years ago when it was -2. I had 6 or 8 miles to run and hill repeats and I started off early morning to get it done. When I was done I had ice hanging on my chin my hat was froze and my shirt. It was one of the hardest starts to get moving cause of the cold.

  2. What is the worst thing I have run in? I don’t like wind (so much that I almost didn’t go out on the 5th and 6th), but I think my worst would be black ice.
    For as hard as it is some days, I am enjoying this challenge. And I’m definitely LOVING the podcast. Thanks Jeff for challenging me physically and spiritually… together I can do this.

    • My pleasure. Black ice can be a real problem! I find myself taking tiny, precautious steps when there is a chance of black ice. Falling is not fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My worst run…marathon training for the Flying Pig, 16 mile run on a subzero temperature day and then literally a blizzard happened around mile 10. My training partners had their camelback hoses freeze and we were sharing my fuel belt fluid while laughing so hard trying to fish the hoses up under clothes to thaw them! Memorable for sure!

  4. Worst run for me was Dave’s 10 Miler 2015 (Delta, Ohio- near Toledo). I have no idea the temperature, but it was COLD…and WINDY…and raining ice pellets that hurt! It’s long country roads and wind and weather play a part every year. That is kind of the appeal for crazy runners! LOL
    Second worse was Santa Hustle at Cedar Point. 40 mile per hour winds off Lake Erie in December….always a good time right?! Thankfully I ran it with awesome friends and we had a blast!

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