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#5kMay2020 Podcast (Day 3)

Jeff opens with a song from Polen Band called “How Could It Be?” from the There Is Nothing New Under the Sun (Vol. 2) album. He reads Matthew 7-9, offering some thoughts along the way, and then has a little chat with Special Guest, Greg Stier, who also shares some power thoughts from Matthew 9. The episode ends with a Polen Band song from the 2013 Seasons CD called “No Matter the Cost”.

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  1. This was very encouraging to listen to this Morning. I fail often in seeing the signs “bound for Hell” when looking at other people. Admittedly I sometimes see “jerk” “rude” “hateful” and I just wanna turn the other way and go about my business. This was a great perspective on seeing people differently and the Hell there going through and heading too if people like me don’t intervene and share the gospel.

  2. Checking on on day 3! Did my wan (walk/run) this morning on a beautiful day in Ohio! Listened to a great sermon on the power of prayer this morning at virtual church, something we all need to be reminded of nowadays. I have really enjoyed reading the blog posts in response to the readings! Eeeling encouraged by this new challenge. Glad I joined. Thank you.

  3. I’m just gonna leave this here: I don’t know what trials everyone else is having, but so far, day 1 I was chased by a pack, like 7 surely inbred pit/lab/coyote/hyena looking dogs from the rural area I live in. I’m doing the podcast and zombies!Run! App at the same time, so on the app it said I was being chased by zombies at the same time! So in order to not be chased by the dogs, I decided to actually come to town and walk parks. Well today I’m at work. (I work on an ambulance so o will be here for the next 72.) I chose to walk in the shade around our station. Y’all I got to 4.72k when an urban outdoorsman chucked a large skipping pond rock across the parking lot we, (I have kidnapped a co-worker in my adventure)were walking in. I was hit in the shoe by a piece and am fine, but geeze! Day three…

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I especially enjoyed the music today. I’m excited to check out other songs by the Polen Band.

  5. Day 3 is in the books! 💪🏼 We took ol the whole family out for a walk on a trail that runs about 50 miles or so. Maybe not quit that far. But our lil 3 year old biked the whole 3 miles! He was pretty tired till we got back! Loved the encouragement!

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