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#5kMay2020 Podcast (Day 2)

In the second official podcast episode for #5kMay2020, Jeff opens with a brand new song called “Great Things You Have Done” which he recorded at Taylor’s Playground Recording Studio with his family during the Ohio mandated Stay-At-Home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After talking with Special Guest, Brian Polen, Jeff reads Matthew 4-6, and offers a bit of commentary. The episode ends with an If We song called “Let Your Kingdom Come” from If We One, which was one of the first albums recorded entirely at Taylor’s Playground Recording Studio, released in 2015.

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  1. Bryan Corban Massillon, Ohio. Day two run felt great. The blog today was so fitting for what we are going thru. Cant worry about what you cant control. Leave it in Jesus’s hands all thing will work out as they are supposed to.

    • Emily Robinson, Minerva, Ohio. Not a run today. More of a walk. Just got the last pieces of furniture moved into the new house and it was exhausting. Feeling great about walking so far though.

  2. Barbara Adams. Maysville Georgia, today felt great. I have two great ladies doing this with me and it’s truly been fun just to be together though this journey.

  3. Mary Miller Dundee OH my walk/run felt good this morning! Had a very busy Saturday! Loved reading about the sermon on the mount again!

  4. Benjamin Mullen from MS. Second day run went longer and faster. Going to put into practice the early run get it done tomorrow. Easily can see how waiting will be detrimental to completion.

  5. I will admit that today was harder and slower than yesterday, and I am struggling with shoes! This COVID thing has messed up my go in person box store shoe shop stop. Ohio is about 1730 mi away, so no perfect shoe fitting for me.

    • That is a long way, for sure. If you know what shoes your are looking for, 20% off is still a pretty great deal. But you’re right, the custom fitting experience is probably not realistic…

      Keep moving forward!

  6. Bryan from Ohio. We are at are lake cottage. I am a little crazy I like hills and I get my share of them here. I really enjoy your explanation of the scriptures. Thank you.

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