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6 thoughts on “#5kMay2019 Day 21 Leave a comment

  1. Hope this is the right place to leave a comment?
    My best run was running the Woodu. It was my best time I’ve had for awhile. I ran 1.6 miles then my friend Michael took off on a 13 mile bike ride then he came back and I took off for 2.90 mile run. That was also the first time I did a relay which was really fun. Best part is when you have the greatest team mate to do a challenge like that.
    I have fallen off the daily scripture and have missed some days. But one thing I enjoy going through the gospels is seeing the same stories but through different writers. It’s interesting to see how they get something different out of it.

  2. I can’t pull up the day 21 blog page, so I will post here. My favorite run is hard to decide on. Tonight might have been it because I felt better then I have for a while. Most of this month my legs / lower back & pelvis had been hurting & sore, so it was good to feel better. I have run some of my 5k’s in Texas & Florida, but nothing that really stands out. One other one I enjoyed because my wife & daughter joined me.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you have been experiencing pain. That’s not fun! A run with your wife & daughter sounds fun!

  3. This year’s 5k May has been a different one for me. In the past I have committed to running all of them and did so…usually VERY slowly by the end! This year with Nicole joining in, I knew that some would have to be walked or walk/ran and that I wouldn’t be getting most of them done at the break of dawn like before! The first few times of that were mentally hard for me since it’s different than how I had approached the challenge before, but I’ve come to appreciate the times we do it together. It’s interesting what kids can talk about (nonstop) when they know they have your undivided attention for the next half hour and I have no breath left to comment! Lol! My favorite runs were either the time I “chased” Randy around the track and pr’d or the time Nicole and I did back to back 5ks before and after midnight. Three totally different 5ks, yet each enjoyable in their own way.

    Many things have stood out in the Scripture readings. I have so appreciated your commentary (and myriad of voices to go with it lol)! But one thing that sticks out right now is when you had talked about Peter sleeping 3 times and then later denying Jesus 3 times and how maybe if he had stayed alert during the praying, he maybe wouldn’t have been at such a vulnerable point to deny Him later. It’s a reminder and an encouragement to get out of bed in the morning and get that prayer time in. Of course sometimes I choose sleep, but I feel a conviction when that was my choice and I’m thankful for that conviction.

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