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6 thoughts on “#5kMay2019 Day 2 Leave a comment

  1. Day 2 in the books. The beagles and I ran the 5K together but I read the next 3 books while eating breakfast.

  2. Day 2 done!! Ran for 20 minutes and went 3.4 miles! I don’t know if that’s good for rubbing on a treadmill. But that’s what I did! 😂
    Anyway. I wanted to check in. And also say. In really enjoying this challenge. Over the winter months I was sitting around. And didn’t realize that I had gained a lot of weight. I am ready to get back to my 140lb weight! 🏋
    Thank ssoooooo much for doing this Jeff!! 🌸😊

  3. Jeff, thanks so much for preparing the podcasts this year. Last year I would listen to the chapters while I ran/walked, but appreciate your added teaching so much more! The parallel of Isreal and Jesus that you’ve pointed out is new to me and very meaningful. I’m also enjoying the Polen Band music. Great motivation to get moving and ends with a positive tune that stays in your head for the day!!😊

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