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Mt. of Olives (Again) #SonlifeIsrael2017

We made our way back up to Jerusalem and back to the Mount of Olives for a second time. We snuck through some hotel lobby and hallway out to the back to get a good vantage point for talking about Jesus coming through Bethany and Bethphage and riding on a donkey into Jerusalem through the Mount of Olives for the Triumphal Entry.

From our location we could see it all unfolding right before our eyes!

We also looked from another location on the horizon to see the Herodium off in the distance. King Herod wanted to be buried facing the Mount of Olives because he wanted to face the place from which the messiah would enter Jerusalem. 

On the Mount of Olives we talked through what the final week looked like for Jesus. Again he came to the temple and tossed the tables. This time it was widely known what he was doing. Every move he made was being watched by the people who wanted him to overthrow Rome and the people who wanted him dead. 

Tomorrow we will pick up in the Upper Room and will go from there. 

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